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One of every five children in the United States lives in a family with income below the official poverty level, despite general agreement that this poverty threshold ($14,630 in 2001 for a family of three) is out of date and too low when considering current housing costs and other family expenditures (e.g., child care, health care). Arloc Sherman of the Children's Defense Fund reports that one in three children in this country will experience at least one year of poverty before they reach age sixteen. Minority children are disproportionately represented, especially among those who experience persistent poverty. As summarized by Suniya Luthar of Columbia University, one in four African-American children experiences ten to fifteen years of poverty; this is a rare phenomenon for Anglo children.

When addressing the incidence of childhood poverty, it is also important to consider what Daniel Hernandez of the National Academy of Sciences and Institute of Medicine defines as relative poverty. This is the minimum income required to purchase those items that society considers essential to decent and respectable living, the minimum level required to avoid the stigma of living in inhumane conditions. Hernandez defined relative poverty as 50 percent of the median income for a given year, adjusted for family size. Given this definition, about one in three children in the United States lives in relative poverty.

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over 6 years ago

my likes towards this article is it is very touching the hearts of other people who did'nt reconginise the pain that people who are poor feel inside. So this helps those prople understand more about poverty.

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about 10 years ago

poverty for children is like punishment for a crime they didn't commit.that is like the meanest thing every about life

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about 9 years ago

people argue that there is worse harms for poverty but what is worse than the dying off of our future leaders, scientist, doctors, etc. y not help save the children who could help save your children in the future?

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over 10 years ago

strategies aimed at poverty

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over 7 years ago

If we are truly a nation of God'ly people then we should live by his word. First of all to love one another and live up to Acts 4:34-35

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over 5 years ago

poverty causes the crime

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over 2 years ago

Living in poverty is difficulties

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over 3 years ago

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over 4 years ago

People who lack basic financial literacy might be more likely to have higher levels of debt and experience problems with managing money.


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almost 5 years ago

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