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Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

The Impact Of Adhd On Families

Children with ADHD may have significant impairments that can have a profound impact on their families. Children often forget what they have been told or defiantly oppose what is requested of them. They tend to be demanding, unpredictable, restless, quick tempered, forgetful, inconsistent in their school work, and socially immature. These experiences lead to increased levels of parental frustration. Many parents struggle with deciding on the best methods for disciplining their child. They may question if they are being too strict or too permissive. Parents may feel guilty and at fault for their child's problems. Fair and consistent disciplinary practices can help change behavior in a positive way. When the condition is identified early and adequate treatment plans are implemented, children with ADHD can have successful school experiences and can develop positive relationships with peers and adults.


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