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Welfare Programs - Early History Of Welfare In The United States

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Prior to the Great Depression of the late 1920s and 1930s, there was no systematic federal service for providing help or relief to struggling citizens. State programs were fragmented, and charity was sporadically offered by various church organizations and community efforts. As the impact of the Great Depression spread across the United States, it was clear that some type of system was necessary in order to curtail the devastating effects of poverty and joblessness. President Franklin Roosevelt proposed a massive overhaul of the government by devising the New Deal in the 1930s, which was essentially a package of various social and welfare benefits aimed at relieving the effects of the Great Depression. The reality of this new welfare state would provide debate and controversy in political, social, and economic realms from that point forward.

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over 8 years ago

Welfare System:

It may have been a necessity, given the situation at that time that welfare was introduced but when a program continues to run year after year without an end, it becomes a bad omen. What I mean is, welfare should be tailored to assist people in their needs to become self sufficient. Welfare in its present form does nothing to aliviate the problems of the poor but only to perpetuate the problem.

I get the impression that the democrats want the poor to remain poor, since many congressmen and senators use the poor bastards for doing their dirty work, especially the undocumented who can't seek help when they are getting abused.

Things have to change, but not the Obama way! We don't need to become a socialist state to make this country better. What we really need is people in congress who really care about the state of the country and not be self serving. I sereious believe that congress should introduce term limits for all elected officials. Also, I believe that those elected officials should use the social security system for their retirement, couple with whatever other system they chose, like 401k, etc. They should retire under this system just like the rest of us.

The present course will doom our country sooner or later, but I think the the time is near, especially given the present administration with a bunch of hoodlums.

Most people on welfare only encourages other people to join the free ride and they lose the ability to some day be free. Free from a system that keeps them enslaved forever. The poor need real help! They need help in getting off of the welfare state by training them.

A mind is a terrible thing to loose. Most people on welfare are of good sound body and mind but loose their self respect and expect to remain on welfare forver.

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almost 8 years ago

Welfare Programs - Early History Of Welfare In The United States