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Sensory Development - Touch, Taste And Smell, Movement Sensations, Auditory System, Visual System, Sensory Systems In Concert - Body Position Sense

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Everything humans do involves using one or more senses. It is through the senses that infants discover the world. Without one's senses, the brain would be an eternal prisoner within the confinement of one's skull. Humans experience these sensations through interactions with the environment; interpreting the meaning of these sensations for actions is called sensory processing. When a child uses her senses to discover a new object, she creates a neuronal pathway in the brain. The more often she stimulates her senses from her environment, the more likely she is to create new neuronal pathways and strengthen old neuronal pathways in the brain.

Sensory development begins during gestation and continues throughout childhood. There are seven sensory processes: taste, smell, touch, hearing, seeing, body position sense (called proprioception), and movement sensations (called vestibular input). Below is a brief discussion of each sense, its purpose, and the stages of its development; how infants stimulate their senses; and why sensory stimulation is important for infants.

The seventh sense, body position sense, or proprioception, works in conjunction with other senses. Proprioception is the movement and position of the limbs and body in relation to space. Proprioceptors are located in muscles and joints and are triggered by bodily movements. Proprioceptors, combined with vision, the sense of touch, and input from the vestibular system, help infants reach such milestones as rolling over, crawling, and walking.

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about 10 years ago

you wont like this becaause nobody likes their ideas to be wrong.

proprioception has nothing to do with the muscles and bones.

muscles and bones have no special special fast track access to the motor cortex.

muscles and bones have no way to transfer and receive feedback of the massive amounts of information at incredible speed that the motor cortex requires to keep track of body position.

the bodys ligament system does have this facility.

this is where your research should be targeted/

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almost 9 years ago

This is all good.

I would like to know why it is inportant to encourage sensory development in children?

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over 4 years ago

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about 6 years ago

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over 6 years ago

My Son Daniel who has Autism has suddenly become sensitive to touch and cannot now wear his Headphones for sensory Music. When he has his Headphones on he is chewing his mouth around.

His behaviour the last two weeks has been trying to get away from his teachers at school.

One teacher say's his doing it on purpose but I know he isn't as I think a sensory is out.

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over 3 years ago

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almost 4 years ago

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