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Aggression - Definition

physical direct indirect active

Aggression is defined as behavior aimed at causing harm or pain, psychological harm, or personal injury or physical distraction. An important aspect of aggressive behavior is the intention underlying the actor's behavior. Not all behaviors resulting in harm are considered aggression. For example, a doctor who makes an injection that harms people, but who did so with the intent of preventing the further spread of illness, is not considered to have committed an aggressive act.

Aggression can be direct or indirect, active or passive, and physical or verbal. Using these categories, human aggression can be grouped into eight classes of behavior:

  • Punching the victim (direct, active, physical)
  • Insulting the victim (direct, active, verbal)
  • Performing a practical joke, setting a booby trap (direct, passive, physical)
  • Spreading malicious gossip (direct, passive, verbal)
  • Obstructing passage, participating in a sit-in (indirect, active, physical)
  • Refusing to speak (indirect, active, verbal)
  • Refusing to perform a necessary task (indirect, passive, physical)

Direct aggression, especially physically active aggression, is more common among animals. Actors who express indirect aggression usually feel less satisfaction, but they are also less concerned about retaliation. Passive and indirect aggression is the least noxious form. Subordinates rebelling against authority figures often use it. In the family relation it is often used by children against their parents.

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over 10 years ago

Just to let you know, some of the above info is incorrect:

spreading malicious gossip is indirect, setting a booby trap can also be indirect (if it's not done face-to-face, it's indirect).

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about 9 years ago

There can also be an 8th indirect/passive/verbal by refusing to tell somebody something, for instance not giving up info if victim is being tortured, or not telling victim something on purpose even though it may be damaging to them.

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almost 7 years ago

my name is emmanuel ogbe a stusent of kogi state poly.poepll should be carefull with each other in time of playing so that it will result to them harming them sefl.if this can be consider i think the problem will be minimze in the society,and even in the country where we are living.

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over 5 years ago

Wow this information is good.However we have a lot to cover because I don't think we can stop aggression.This can be looked as Western countries attack the Arab countries to stop Repression but still the western powers do it in an aggressive way!

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over 1 year ago

I am a god Man u want zlatan, zlatan don't want mman u,zlatan is tank tank not zlatan